Learn How HDI’s Story Began

Our family was moving from another state and was looking for a house. When moving from another state and looking for a home we were disappointed in what was available.

But the more we looked at what other builders offered, the more we were disappointed with what we found:

  • Limited inventory
  • Poor quality
  • No character
  • Cheap materials

Most of the houses we saw were just vinyl boxes with a roof–not a home where we envisioned our families making memories. To add insult to injury, their houses also made the community we were moving to look boring and less attractive.

The home we ended up buying needed major repairs shortly after moving in: hot water heaters, air conditioning unit, roof repairs to name a few.

We wanted to find a quality new construction home, but it seemed they didn’t exist.
Which made us ask, ‘Why don’t we build them?’

It turns out, others were looking for the same things we wanted in their new construction home. Thus, HDI was born as we began building homes for others – high-quality new construction homes in settings we would want to live in.

We build homes that embody what our family was looking for in the first place:

  • Building the right way with skilled, local tradesman from day one
  • Crafting homes with character, personality, and features people love
  • Preserving the natural landscape surrounding the home to keep EAST TN beautiful
  • Offering quality that lasts a lifetime, along with a warranty for peace of mind

We build homes that we would want to live in.

Let us build yours.

Rebecca Walls


Tracey Daugherty

Director, Construction

Trey Yant

Chief Financial Officer

Billy Bradley

VP, Operations

Cliff Colyar

VP, Land Development

Bruce Gleisner

VP, Acquisition

Liridon Grajqevci

Purchasing Manager

Clint Rose

Construction Manager

Chris Neumann

Quality Assurance Manager

Jeff Bender

Project Manager

Rob Williams

Project Manager

Chad Groce

Project Manager

Alex McGee

Assistant Project Manager

Camden Williams

Assistant Project Manager

Riley Smartt

Assistant Project Manager

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